Heartwarming love in the freezing cold: A polar bear mother cuddles up with her cub 

Proud mum showed off her baby at Novosibirsk Zoo in Russia by showering it with affection and cuddles

Mother Gerda lovingly rolled around in the cold snow nestling her daughter into her chest

The photographs were taken by photographer Vera Salnitskaya, 29



Artist: The Last Shadow Puppets
Album: The Age of the Understatement (Single)
Song: In The Heat Of The Morning
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No man loved like I love you

Wouldn’t you like to love me too 

Happy 22nd Birthday, Sigrid Agren!

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Cheap 35mm film cameras, from FUUVI, are packaged cutely in the shape of juice boxes. The straw becomes the shutter button. 


Artist: Stars
Album: In Our Bedroom After The War
Song: Today Will Be Better, I Swear!
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Old pale memories of someone you knew
Keep crawling through the back of your mind,stealing time

In the daylight you’re crossing all your wires
You never knew just how to put out a fire

And the closet’s been shaking with bones
Little reminders that you’re out on your own

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Still Lifes by Vincent Van Gogh.

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Paris-based designer Lara Melchior created collections of sterling silver and gold plating. She shaped her designs by hand, providing the magic touch that defines her delicate aesthetic.
As Lara puts it: “Jewelry shouldn’t steal a woman’s thunder, it’s meant to make her look even more beautiful.”

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